The Secret Behind Hydrogen Cars Daihatsu

The Secret Behind Hydrogen Cars Daihatsu

After discussing the two-stage fuel-efficient technologies Daihatsu ranging from the application of i-EGR system and eco-IDLE that could make the car have a fuel consumption of 30 km / liter, time to glance at the third stage of the development of fuel cell technology, fuel cell alias.

As we know hydrogen car has no carbon emissions, only water comes out of the exhaust pipe just as a side effect.


Daihatsu is developing a new way of storing hydrogen and liquid fuel called Hydrazine new hydrant (mixing hydrogen, nitrogen and water).


"Today we are introducing vehicles of the future, and brought the latest technology that can make our vehicle (Daihatsu) free of CO2," said Research and Development Division PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor Satriyo Budiutomo, at IIMS 2012.


Do not stop there, hydrogen cars will use a very light material. Called Metal Free Liquid Feed Fuel Cell (PMfLFC), allowing lngkungan friendly car is capable of running farther.


"In addition, if another vehicle usually keep them at the front of the machine, this time we made ​​the machines are on the bottom of the flat shape., And for liquid fuels (PMfLFC) can be seen with the naked eye on the bottom," he said.


"When the vehicle is braking, then automatically it can charge power," he concluded.


But no doubt, Satriyo also recognize that this concept car could be realized quickly. Originally developed infrastructure support as well.


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