The Manufacturer Angry Birds Game Rilis Bad Piggies

The manufacturer Angry Birds Game Rilis Bad Piggies 

Manufacturers game Rovio launched a new game, Bad Piggies - which is part of the popular game, Angry Birds.

Unlike Angry Birds, this new game no longer has a mission to destroy the pig pen with a slingshot angry birds-workers.


Bad Piggies featuring a cartoon pigs, in which players must create a vehicle to deliver the Bad Piggies to reach the finish and collect as many stars as much as possible during the game.


This game can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Mac computers starting tomorrow.


Rovio game hopes production will follow the success of Angry Bird that has been downloaded more than billions times.


Game Angry Birds managed to attract 200 million active players each month until the end of 2011.


However, when a new game is released in the Angry Birds Space, the signal shows that the fans are getting bored.


Although launched massive, this latest series Angry Birds failed to reach fans of its predecessor.


Previous Rovio launched the Amazing Alex, but failed to succeed. Amazing Alex - the latest character Rovio obtained from independent game makers Mystery Coconut - had been knocked out of the top 50 game sequence.


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