The Car Manufacturer Proton Fire Lotus CEO

The car manufacturer Proton Fire Lotus CEO

After his fate hung by Proton, Lotus CEO Dany Bahar was officially fired. Instead, Proton has Lotus Farikullah Aslam appointed as a replacement.

Lotus CEO dismissal was made a British sports car manufacturer after conducting an investigation into the work Bahar. Finally, DRB-HICOM now a new owner Proton decided to fire him.


"I hope to bring these benefits to not only the DRB-HICOM and Proton Holdings Berhad but also Group Lotus and staff as well as contributing to the growth of the UK automotive industry," said DRB-HICOM managing director Mohd Khamil Jamil said in a statement as quoted by Autonews .


Bahar himself recorded has ambitious plans for the British sports car manufacturer. In an effort to broaden the appeal of the Lotus, Bahar exhibit six concept car in Paris in 2010 that he says will soon enter production kitchen.


He also intends to hold the polish Lotus brand to races such as Formula One and IndyCar. Lotus is a supplier of engines for the IndyCar for the 2012 season.


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