The Car Manufacturer Infiniti Ready Out of Japan

The car manufacturer Infiniti Ready Out of Japan

Tokyo - Japan's exchange rate, yen, which makes growing restless automotive manufacturers. Rising yen exchange rate would make the price of the car higher. To that end, Infiniti had already planned to get out of Japan.

Infiniti by Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said the parent would immediately divert Infiniti production out of Japan. "If you follow that logic, we must build cars where we sell them," he said.


As is known, Infiniti import almost all their models from Japan. Slowly but surely, the level of production in Japan will be transferred. Only recently have started to produce crossover Infiniti JX35 new Nissan assembly plant in Tennessee, USA.


Ghosn said that North America and China are being considered as the location where additional Infiniti production. In other areas, incidentally Nissan also has plans to disburse the funds to build a plant in Mexico but has not specified what the product will be produced there.


"Infiniti is not sold in Japan. So this is an interesting case where you have most of the sources in Japan, but no sales in Japan. And today, has a source in Japan with the yen is clearly not the right system. So we will Infiniti moving out of Japan to provide competitiveness, "he said.


Last year Infiniti sales in China rose 61 percent which makes the manufacturer announced it would move the Infiniti global operational headquarters from Japan to Hong Kong.


"We saw what the Germans did. Germans are diversifying their base and they produce everywhere," he said.


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