Terrible! 'Bug' Data Remover Found in Mobile Samsung

Terrible! 'Bug' Data Remover Found in Mobile Samsung
Ravi Borgaonkar, researchers Technical University Berlin, Germany, found a gap on the Samsung Galaxy dangerous. Without warning, dangerous gap can erase all data on the phone Galaxy.

In a Ekoparty security conference in Argentina last week, Borgaonkar said that the vulnerability lies in the TouchWiz interface.


TouchWiz Android interface that is customized specifically for the Samsung Galaxy phones.


According to him, there are malicious programming code that has been circulating on the internet, which could make the Galaxy phone is reset to factory settings. Programming code that can be inserted in a Web page, QR codes, NFC connection, and SMS.


TouchWiz user interface to interact with structured data USSD code, which executes the command on the phone keyboard Galaxy.


Data on mobile phones can be erased all Galaxy user undetected, since the programming code is not asking for permission or notification. Borgaonkar also said that this potentially dangerous gap SIM card lock.


Solution of Borgaonkar, dangerous gap can be prevented by turning off the "service loading" in the Settings menu, and turn off the QR code and NFC applications.



Reza Wahyudi/Kompas


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