Tata Nano, The Cheapest Car Universal Plenty Kingdom

Tata Nano, The Cheapest Car Universal Plenty Kingdom 

Universal cheapest car Tata Nano will eventually slide in Indonesia at the end of the year. In Indonesia. Price is estimated at Rp. 30 million only!

"The price is Rp 30 million fine," said the source on the producers detikOto Nano, Tata Motors has asked not to be named.

This price is cheaper than the previous estimate of Rp 45 million to Rp 50 million per car.


In India itself when first launched in 2008 in India car sold for Rp. 23 million. With a universal label cheapest car, the Nano popularity fueled. This car by Tata Motors founder is for people who use motor.


And now, the Nano is increasingly global, not just India alone, the European market was cleared Nano, of course, with the addition of specifications to meet high standards. With cleaner emissions and higher security devices. Neighboring India was already getting the Nano.


In Indonesia, PT Tata Motors Tata Motors Indonesia established, led by the CEO (Indonesia Operations) B Sengupta. Brochures Nano Tata Motors had already deployed, there are 3 variants of the Nano Standard (no air conditioning and power windows), Nano CX (use AC), and the highest LX variant.


Here are the full specifications Tata Nano:


     Overall length 3099 mm
     Width 1495 mm
     Height 1652 mm
     Wheelbase 2230 mm
     Ground clearance is 180 mm
     Capacity 4 people
     Weight 600-635 kg


     Type: 624 cc, 2-cylinder, MPFI
     The maximum power of 35 ps at 5200 rpm
     Maximum torque of 48 Nm at 3000-3500 RPM
     The maximum speed of 105 km per hour
     Fuel consumption of 23.6 km per liter


     Home Independent, lower wishbone, McPherson Strut
     Rear, Independent, Semi Trailing arm with coil spring


     Front tire size 135/70 R 12
     Rear tire size 155/65 R 12

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