Tata Motors Ready to Plug Factory Wheels Economy in Indonesia From 2013

Tata Motors Ready to Plug Factory Wheels Economy in Indonesia From 2013
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Jakarta - Tata Motors is ready to build a factory in Indonesia. According to the plan, Tata Motors factory that will begin operating in 2013.

President Director of PT Indonesia Tata Motors Biswadev Sengupta exposing their seriousness on the Indonesian market. Besides going to build a network of sales and after-sales service, according to Sengupta Tata Motors is also preparing to build the plant.


"The event will begin assembly in 2013," he said.


Tata Motors factory in Indonesia, according to Sengupta will be made to meet the domestic needs of Indonesia and it is possible to make it as a production base in ASEAN.


Unfortunately Sangupta first reluctant to reveal where their factory locations, a car that will be produced or how much investment they need for this plant.


"Later. 6-7 month we will have a special meeting to discuss this," said Executive Director of Tata Motors Ltd Ravindra Pisharody the same place.


But clearly, Pisharody factory in Indonesia confirmed that it will be many uses the resources of Indonesia ranging from labor to materials.


"The plant will be assisted by a local vendor. Targeting We also will use 40 percent local content," lugasnya.


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