Surprisingly, 16 Unit Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Sold Out Nights booked

Surprisingly, 16 Unit Ferrari F12 Berlinetta sold out nights booked

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Lutfi)

Jakarta - Although predicted to have billions of dollars at exorbitant prices, do not break the Ferrari car lovers to soon have a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. In fact there are 16 units of the fastest and most powerful sports cars Ferrari was already booked in Indonesia.


This was revealed by President Director of PT Surya Sejahtera Automotive Irmawan Poedjoadi, as the official Ferrari dealer in Indonesia, do Jakarta on Saturday (01/09/2012).


"More than 16 customers have ordered the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta," said Irmawan. Irmawan reluctant to mention the price of the base F12 Berlinetta. But reportedly the car is sold for Rp 10 billion. Quite expensive.


From the buyer's side, most consumers are from the island of Java, especially Jakarta.


"The majority are still from Java. Jakarta, after that there Surabaya, Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan," he said.

Ferrari also hope that the new generation of Ferrari's V12 engine to be well received in Indonesia.


"Our target as much as possible. But our goal now is how to keep consumers do not wait too long. If you run, they (consumers) will move. Because we'll get the allocation from there and can not just ask for more granted," he said, laugh.


"Yes, we expect the government may be able to support entrepreneurs., And hopefully tax here (Indonesia) is not expensive," he concluded.


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