Super Game Black Mesa (PC) There Spiele Test

Super Game Black Mesa (PC) There Spiele Test 

Designed by fans Black Mesa is a remake of Valve's classic shooter Half-Life from 1998. On the project about eight years in the making long, so serious doubts arose about whether it would ever finish.

Finally, since the beginning of the development some changes.

Over time, the original objective of the project was becoming increasingly difficult. First, they wanted to produce a decent Half-Life remake - not as unsatisfactory as Valve itself - (! There should ever be completed), but over the years it became increasingly unlikely that the finished game so modern looks, how it initially hoped . The time step is so rapid that the project simply could not keep pace.

So let me notice this right away: Black Mesa does not look like a modern video game. The limitations of the Source engine and the fact that the hobby developers worked with foreign code, led to the fact that the density of objects and the character animation looks like something that would be 2007 had been modern, but not as something that we today - used - even by mods is.

This does not mean that the game is ugly. It pleases the eye with wonderful light and ambient effects and the underlying original draft Valve see mostly still as fresh as when Half-Life was first published. But over long distances, you will feel like you are playing a game from 2007.

The only exceptions are the sections that you remember that you play a game that actually comes from the year 1998. Those who simply want to experience only old glorious moments once again could alter the unlikely, but younger players who want to know is why just made this game so much fanfare, should know that the first-person shooter Genre has not passed in error by several set pieces of the game. You need health packs (health packs) to survive, not five seconds into safe cover. That makes it perhaps a bit more difficult, but it is unfortunately also associated with endless quicksaves. Platforming, dominated by the combination of squatting / Jumping, still plays a role - and it's still terrible.

But you know what? None of that really matters. After Half-Life, like its sequel, due to its features so great, but because it was a pioneer in first-person perspective and can not be reduced to a disembodied floating weapon. And Black Mesa retains this feeling not only, but surpasses even in this respect the original is still a lot, because in this area the really valuable improvements have been made.

This is not just a remake. The Black Mesa team, led by Carlos "cman2k" Montero has taken the trouble to fix a number of minor deficiencies and add new content, and so to ensure that the players more than can ever indulge in the game since Black Mesa now really looks like a plant, in which many people work, and not like an empty, cavernous shooting.
That means more chatter and random events in the background. More stuff lying around. Has a gun, oh dear, front and rear sights. Many areas were not so subtle changes to increase it, or simply to let just impressive.

And that's brave! There are other developers who make the effort to port old games, and would never dare, the original make even the smallest changes. In a game like Half-Life, one of the greatest games of all time, they would not even dream of thinking. But these people dared, so it is all the better that the result turned out so well. Good for you!

Especially when the end they did a good job. If you have not played Half-Life is mentioned here: The end is really bad. I do not mean this in relation to the rest of the game, I think that it is really fucking bad. Terrifying first-person platforming combined with a strange twist (which will match with the rest of the series not quite) makes the end of the worst by far the moment of Half-Life.

Luckily for all first-time players (and all other), the end is gone. You do not play. The team has decided to give up on the latest release of the mod on it. It is not even a patch after or later update, but released as a stand-alone title, with the makers promise that there will be significant changes. It's not often that you praise a game that estwas was omitted, but here it is the case, because it was a brave decision - and the right. The Half-Life game experience becomes firmer and more consistent.

It's a little awkward to play after all this time Black Mesa. I was already resigned to never play this mod to. To make a judgment is not easy, since it is on the one hand is a fan-made mod, on the other hand is a remake of one of the best PC games of all time.

Even AAA title were published, which were taken less closely scrutinized than this mod, which is perhaps one reason that it took so long, until it was finally released.

But since it has been released, must be noted that the Black Mesa team really worked hard and made a masterpiece hath made. Half-Life has been modernized just enough so that it is bearable for contemporary tastes, but not so much that it moves away from the original vision. Given the number of employees, the duration of the project and the importance of the original Black Mesa is a great achievement.

Almost as great as the fact that the game is free.


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