Super Cheap Car "Agya & Ayla" Ready to Sign Village?

Super Cheap Car "Agya & Ayla" Ready to Sign village? 
Jakarta - The highest price of about USD 100 million, cheap car output of PT Astra International Tbk, Toyota Astra and Astra Daihatsu Agya Ayla could be a new option of rural communities.

"He said the price is Rp 70 million.'s Relatively inexpensive and that emerging economies could get into the area and to pedasaan," said automotive analyst Suhari Sargo detikOto.


According Suhari affordable and fuel consumption of an economical, it is not possible vehicle was targeted by all corners of Indonesia.


"The purchasing power of the people, hence offered a car like this. Addition LCGC car, now appear cheap car, Tata Nano is going in as well. While permitting LCGC under 70 million, and 20 km per liter of fuel, it marks the opening of the market. other people want to come, why do not we, "he said.


Agya and Ayla is a third car at Toyota and Daihatsu. The car will be produced in Karawang, West Java, with local content to 84 percent.


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