Suit-Suit Galaxy S III Appear Pinky And 'Priss'

Galaxy S III Appear Pinky And 'Priss' 
Seoul - Not everyone likes the color standard smartphone, only black or white only. Samsung also offers more color choices for consumers Galaxy S III in a choice of bright colors.

Favorite color every consumer now present in Samsung's latest smartphone, at least for consumers in South Korea. In his native country, the Galaxy S III is offered in seven colors, namely White Marble, Pebble Blue, Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Black Sapphire, Titanium Grey and Pink Berry.


Last color, Pink Berry looks most attractive and sassy. Synonymous with 'feminine color', the Galaxy S III Berry Pink seems deliberately targeting women.


Quoted from Slash Gear, Monday (09/24/2012), this is not the first time Samsung presents pink color option on its products. Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II also has a pink version of the girly look, try luring women consumers.


Galaxy S III is scheduled colorful markets visited South Korea this week. There is no information whether this colorful version also will visit other countries or not.


Bright color choices seemed indeed central to the current smartphone trends. Besides Samsung, Nokia and HTC are no 'dress' their smartphone dressed in colors like candy.

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