Smart Solutions and Alternative Due to Bad Apple Digital Map

Smart Solutions and Alternative Due to Bad Apple Digital Map
Apple decided to remove Google Maps as the default application on the iOS version 6. Instead, Apple made its own application called Apple Maps. Unfortunately, Apple's digital maps reap many protests.

Information generated Apple Maps are less accurate or even completely wrong. In the meantime, users of Apple's mobile devices are still fixated on the accuracy and completeness of data in Google Maps previously present in early versions of iOS to version 5.

Until now, Google has not released a standalone application nevertheless Google Maps for iOS. While waiting for Google Maps, the Apple mobile device users could use another digital map service.

1. Waze
This is a social navigation application, which can be downloaded for free in the App Store.
The Waze users work together to transmit traffic information. It could be information about traffic jams, accidents, road improvements, etc., about the traffic conditions in a region.
For example, you report the congestion that occurs in the Kuningan, Jakarta, at 12 noon. Information you post can be read by the other Waze users, and a reference that they do not cross the road at the same brass. Thus, they can find another route to reach the destination.

2. TomTom
Companies and navigation digital map maker TomTom, TomTom has released an application for iPhone and iPad. For maps and navigation South East Asia (including Indonesia), application TomTom appreciated 69.99 dollars.
KompasTekno had tried and write reviews of the TomTom application for the iPhone. If interested, you can read the reviews on this link.

3. Google Maps from a browser
If you rely heavily with Google Maps, you can still access it from Safari or Chrome browser. You just type the address:

4. Surviving operating system iOS 5
If you do not upgrade to iOS 6 operating system, then you can still use the Google Maps application on the iPhone and iPad. As you know, Google Maps is still the default application to iOS version 5.1.1.

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