Shush! No Place Angel Bathing in Semarang

In Semarang, there are beautiful waterfalls and charming, Curug 7 Angels name. The story tells that, once this waterfall is the bathtub, the angel. Waders, yuk!

Do not first imagine a group of beautiful nymph bathing in this waterfall. Curug 7 Angels just a legend in which the angel had first bath here.


Curug 7 Angel located in the village Keseneng, Sumowono district, Semarang regency. Access it easily enough, from the military barracks Bantir AD in the village, this beautiful waterfall is just 3 km away.


Regardless of the story of the angel, the atmosphere around this waterfall was refreshing. Engrossed again, Curug 7 Angels have three shower floor. Fountain is about 10 meters high. The water is then free fall and another two-storey form below.


The roar of the water from the peak height of 10 meters make the atmosphere more fresh. The water was so clear and crisp. The area is also diteduhkan with the trees and paddy field views.


To have camped, Curug 7 Angels provide camping ground. Camp location is quite spacious and has a sloping ground. Not infrequently the eco tourism lovers set up tents and spend a few nights to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls longer.


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