Release Audi SUV Plant in Mexico

Release Audi SUV plant in Mexico 

Puebla - Audi chose Puebla, Mexico as the location for their factory cars were new. One is the SUV that will be prepared for the world market.

There, Audi will build a successor to the SUV Audi Q5 cars for the global market. Construction of the plant will begin next year with production starting in 2016.


Puebla factory is capable of producing about 150 thousand vehicles per year.


During this time, the Audi Q5 Audi has always produced at the factory in Germany, exactly in Ingolstadt, close to the Audi headquarters in Germany.


With the transfer of production to Mexico Q5, Audi hopes, Ingolstadt plant can concentrate on building more sedans such as the A4 and A5 and.


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