Proton Exora Turbo Cars Ready to Hit Indonesia

Proton Exora Turbo Cars Ready to Hit Indonesia
Malaysian carmaker, Proton is ready again showed his strength in Indonesia. In the coming months, Proton Exora ready to produce a more powerful version because it is equipped with a turbocharged.

President Director of PT Proton Edar Indonesia Gunther Scherz said according to the schedule they will spend turbocharged Exora Bold comes in the last quarter of this year.


"October we want to spend," he said at the Proton headquarters in Shah Alam, Malaysia.


The car itself has a turbocharged Campro engine Charge Fuel Efficiency (CFE) with induction technology that provides maximum power at low rpm.


With this technology, the 1.6-liter engine is also claimed to have the capability equivalent to a 2.0 liter engine.


But for the price of the Multi Purpose Vehicle, Gunther did not want to divulge. "Still our reckoning," lugasnya.


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