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Shah Alam - Among the ASEAN countries, only Malaysia which has a well-known car company, one of Proton. And now, Proton wants to promote ASEAN to the world.

"Proton's car ASEAN. Though Malaysian company, our components are made in the countries around, so you could say it was a car Proton ASEAN," said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Proton Holdings Berhad, Dato Lukman bin Ibrahim at the Proton headquarters in Shah Alam, Malaysia.


Therefore, according to Lukman Proton was ready to expand their sales network all over the world, because then the name of ASEAN will also be raised.


In addition, for the Indonesian market, Proton Lukman seems sure to grow given Indonesia's car market continues to grow.


"We are confident with Indonesia. Market is huge. Indonesia was like we (Malaysia). Past we also only buy Japanese cars, it's roughly in the 80-90s. Then European cars. But after that no problems with the car from anywhere, including with Malaysia's own car, "said Lukman.


Proton also by Lukman is currently trying to sort out and choose the countries they have entered. Proton DRB-HICOM under management tries to focus on the countries that do have a high growth market for them prioritize.


That way, according to Lukman Proton will be more focus on serving customers-consumers in the country in order to get up and have a nice experience Proton cars.


"Thank God, Indonesia is one of them. Next year we will launch one new product," he said.


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