Protests 'Innocence of Muslims', Hundreds Demo U.S. Embassy in Thailand

Protests 'Innocence of Muslims', Hundreds demo U.S. Embassy in Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand Hundreds of Muslims staged a demonstration outside the Embassy of the United States and the Google offices in Bangkok today. They chanted "kill those who insult Islam."

The action was held to protest the amateur film "Innocence of Muslims" who insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. There was some chaos when protesters tried to break through a line of riot police in front of the U.S. Embassy.


But then successfully forced backward masses. According to the Bangkok police, as reported by AFP on Thursday (09/27/2012), no one suffered serious injuries in these demonstrations.


About 300 people participated in the rally. In front of the protesters, mostly men, an activator action make speeches. "What will we do with Jews, Christians and Americans if we see them?" the man asked in Thai. "Kill them!" chanted the demonstrators answered the question.


The demonstrators then also demonstrate against internet giant Google. Mass petition asking Google to block the film on YouTube.


Google Thailand Representative Peter Fretten met the protesters and said he would convey the concerns of protesters to the headquarters of Google. Hearing that, the crowd was dispersed.


The film "Innocence of Muslims" has sparked a wave of protests and violence in various countries around the world, including Egypt, Iran, the UK, Australia and others. About 50 people have been killed in various acts of violence and demo.

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