Playing for Fun Jackpot, A Mother Wins Car Tesla Roadster Sport

BEJO! Playing for fun Jackpot, A Mother Wins Car Tesla Roadster Sport


A mother named MaryEllen Cobb managed to get an electric sports car, Tesla Roadster Sport when he was playing the jackpot in Las Vegas, USA. However, uniquely, after a sports car, Cobb felt confused.

Cobb himself first time playing jackpot at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino. He was actually there to celebrate her daughter's birthday to 25.


"I'm very excited," he said as quoted from the New york Times.


When he could not get even believe the casino until officials come and give tax forms for signature.


"We are delighted to welcome Ms. Cobb in Tesla family and impatient waiting experience 'vibe' when accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in 3.7 seconds Tesla Roadster Sport," wrote Shanna Hendriks, communications manager at Tesla Motors.


Currently, car production was ended in the year 2011 that Cobb was in the garage. However, he was overwhelmed with indecision especially when he told the casino if prize can not be replaced by money.


The reason is simple, he was 'scared' by the tax must be paid when he had a sports car in the garage even though he said he wants to maintain the car was hers.


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