Originally Tire European "Continental" Shutter Cars Market Premium

Originally tire European "Continental" Shutter Cars Market Premium

Premium tire market Indonesia increasingly vibrant with the presence of European origin Continental tires. Continental launch tire ContiSportContact5 the price range of USD 2.5 - USD 8 million.

Tires are intended for premium class cars Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo and other premium brands in Indonesia.

"We are targeting the premium cars. Pasangger price varies car to car," said General Manager Sales & Marketing Continental Sime Tyre Indonesia PT, Elly Pudjiati in semi permanent Continental booth at IIMS, the JI Expo Kemayoran, North Jakarta, Friday (28 / 9/2012).

ContiSportContact5 available in several sizes starting at size 17-22 ring width width 295. Continental claims these tires can be accelerated up to a maximum speed of 300 km / h on the black asphalt.


Sales Manager PT Continental Sime Tyre, Wiwin Suhendi said ring size 22 wide tires can be used for the Ferrari 296. "For Ferrari matches it," Wiwin.


Already in Indonesia since 2005, tire manufacturers from Europe that are now claiming serious in Indonesian tire market.


"In Indonesia Continental since 2005, but less serious. Since 2010 Well we got serious. Premiun In Indoneia nice tire market. If I see a nice market was very interesting, so we play there. European product we right in Germany is ready to compete with the external brand such as Michelin, Pirelli, "said Elly.


Wiwin Suhendi Continental believes this year's sales target of 40 thousand tires or a market share of 15 percent in premium grade tires. Next year, the Continental sales target of 75 thousand units.


"The plant we have in Malaysia, China, and Europe. This year sales target of 40 thousand units, 75 thousand units next year for passangger and SUVs. Trucks this year to 25 thousand units. We compared to local brands, we do not have anything . outer But if compared to brand, market share we are about 15 percent, "close


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