New Honda CR-Z Perform Prime in Indonesia, Not Paris

New Honda CR-Z Perform Prime in Indonesia, Not Paris
When Indonesia usually gets 'throw-out', Honda does not seem to want to do it. In fact, Honda made a world premiere their sporty hybrid, the CR-Z latest.

The election of Jakarta as the birthplace facelift of Honda CR-Z feels special. Because Indonesia International Motor Show, which has just opened today's time adjacent to the performances of the Paris Motor Show which will also open later this month. Indonesia became the first country in the world to feature this model to the public.

Honda CR-Z is Honda's first hybrid sports car. Honda CR-Z first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 and officially launched at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, United States on January 11, 2010.

Currently, Honda CR-Z has been marketed in 56 countries and recorded sales of 66,909 units worldwide.
"Honda CR-Z represents the culmination of the evolution of a mix of sporty and environmentally friendly technologies developed by Honda over the years. This model will answer the consumer wants a sports car with dynamic performance, without neglecting the responsibility to preserve nature, "said Tomoki Uchida, President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM).

"The presence of New CR-Z at the Honda booth at IIMS 2012 this is very appropriate, because the theme of this year's Honda Racing for Blue Skies, which describes a combination of eco-friendly character of the underlying sportydan every Honda product," he added.

With the introduction of the New CR-Z officially in Indonesia, PT Honda Prospect Motor is also beginning to open bookings for this model, with a special price offer is valid for IIMS 2012 event took place.

New CR-Z manual transmission is offered at a price of Rp 475juta and New CR-Z CVT transmission at Rp 489 million. Delivery New CR-Z to the consumer will be starting from February 2013.

"Although still terceruk, sports car market in Indonesia began to demand and have considerable potential customers. After the success in various parts of the world, we believe that the CR-Z will also be well received in Indonesia because it has the advantage over other sports models sold in Indonesia, which is not only sporty but also environmentally friendly hybrid engine it has, "said Jonfis Fandy , Marketing & aftersales Service Director PT HPM.

New CR-Z performing with changes to the exterior design not only makes it look more sporty and smart but also more dynamic than previous models.

Changes can be seen in the new design Front Grill, Front Bumper, Fog Lamp, Door Mirror, Headlight, Rear Combination Lamp, 17 inch Alloy Wheel, and Rear Diffuser. Besides New CR-Z also uses HID light on the front and also LED Stop Lamp on the back.

Interior New CR-Z was impressed ergonomic, comfortable, and of course new designs sportydengan sharper and has a high precision seen from the front while the rear seat is designed for multi-purpose cargo for the rider.

Jok New Honda CR-Z this time combining a sporty two-tone color is black and red. Instrument panel tachometer New CR-Z on the dashboard displays three bias light produced when the car accelerates, namely blue, red, and green under the three modes of control in the New CR-Z (Normal, Sport, and ECON).
The latest model of Honda CR-Z carries a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine combined with a battery technology Integrated Motor Assist (IMA). Engine performance Honda CR-Z is able to produce a maximum power of 120PS at 6600 rpm for type 6 speed manual transmission, and 118 PS at 6600 rpm for the CVT transmission type.

While the IMA device comes powered by a 100 volt battery capable of producing 20 PS. When the car accelerates both work together but at the braking maneuver, the power generated by the car stored on the device in the form of kinetic energy IMA making fuel consumption becomes more efficient.

New Honda CR-Z features three driving modes, namely Normal, Sport, and ECON. Normal mode is suitable for everyday conditions. Sport Mode for the sensation of driving a more responsive and produce a more powerful acceleration and the impression of "Fun to Drive". While in ECON mode, engine performance adjusted to optimize the fuel efficiency of fuel consumption can ditekan.Pengemudi bakarsehingga can select the desired mode according to his needs.

Features Eco AssistTM will guide the driver to achieve an efficient driving style on fuel. The light around the speedometer can be changed from blue to green when driving efficiently can be achieved. Meanwhile, Cruise Control feature helps the driver accelerates at a constant speed for comfort.

In addition to the three models, New CR-Z is also equipped with new features that Plus Sport System, where the engine and electric motor work optimally to add power and more responsive performance.

New CR-Z offers a choice of automatic transmission with transmition teknologiContinuosly Variable (CVT) and a 6 speed manual transmission (6 MT). In addition, the New CR-Z is also equipped with other features to support the performance of the drive sepertiPaddle Shift.

New Honda CR-Z is also equipped by various safety and security features. For safety features, the new Honda CR-Z is also equipped Immobilizer and Security Alarm.

As for safety features, the new Honda CR-Z has been fitted by the ABS + EBD and BA, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Active Headrest, Dual SRS Air Bag, Side Airbags with OPDS (occupant Position Detection Sensor), and Side Curtain Airbags, New Honda CR-Z also have passed safety test and get a six-star rating from JNCAP.

New Honda CR-Z appeared in several color options, namely; Premium Northern Lights Violet Pearl and Premium Energetic Yellow Pearl as two new colors flagship New Honda CR-Z. In addition there are also other color options such as Premium White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl, danMilano Red.


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