Motorcycle Manufacturer Kawasaki Ninja Unit 6000 Shot of the Year

Motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki Ninja Unit 6000 Shot of the Year 

Jakarta - Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles targets to sell 250 up to 6,000 units by the end of the year. Ninja 250 ABS is expected to boost the sales.

"Our target until the end of the year to 6,000 units, which will be sold in each month to 2000 units and will begin shipping to customers next month (October)," said Manager of Marketing and Promotion PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia Freddyanto Basuki, in Jakarta, last weekend .


Indonesia said Freddy Kawasaki has become the largest market in ASEAN. With Ninja age who have 28 years, this bike has been getting a positive response in many countries.


And in developing countries Indonesia has the largest market. Likewise, the new model has received a positive value, and through New Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS is representing our thinking, so that consumers can feel fun ride going forward, "said Marketing for Indonesia and Developing Countries Kawasaki, Yoshiro Segawa.


However, if the demand for New Kawasaki Ninja 250 ABS is increasing, consumers just need to wait for 2-3 months to own it.


"We got supplies from Thailand (Ninja standard) reached 2,000 units, and demand (PO) was reached 2500-3000 units. Yeah, most consumers have to be patient until 1-2 months., And until yesterday had nothing to 200-300 pivot unit to New Ninja 250 ABS, it also yesterday because they have not seen his form, "added Freddy.


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