Mitsubishi: Mirage Cars Worth So LCGC

Mitsubishi: Mirage Cars Worth So LCGC

 Mitsubishi launched the Mirage in Indonesia. The vehicle is intended for the city car segment. But the truth is vehicles entering Mirage Low Cost program and Green Car (LCGC) promoted by the Indonesian government.

It is said Marketing Director of PT Krama Yudha Three Diamonds (KTB) Rizwan Alamsjah detikOto Mirage test drive session in Jakarta, Thursday (27/09/2012).


"This is because auturan LCGC yet out. But I told Mirage qualify," said Rizwan.


Mitsubishi awaiting details details LCGC policies of the Indonesian government, which until now has not been issued. If it is out, the Mirage will be asked to serve as a vehicle LCGC.


Rizwan explains the prisipal been very ready to carry the Mirage as a vehicle LCG. Only knock is not clear when the rule was issued.


Mitsubishi as described Riswan Mirage is ready to produce in Indonesia. Investment funds had been prepared for all purposes Mirage in Indonesia. Rizwan explained if Mirage is produced in Indonesia and at the discretion of LCGC then the price will come down.


"We have to see first what kind of government policy LCGC. If anyone would like us to consider," he continued.


In Jakarta, Mirage priced from Rp 139 million (GLC Mirage 5 MT), Rp 152 million (Mirage GLS CVT), and the most expensive Rp 165 million (Mirage Exceed CVT).


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