"Millions" Mainstay Features Apple iOS6

Millions mainstay features iOS6 

Gossip will launch iOS6've heard since he said the Siri will be present also in the iPad and now Apple has officially announced the launch plan iOS6.What can be expected from this iOS5 replacement?

- MapsGoodbye Google Map and welcome to Apple's own online forum. Actually something like aja yah but there are some things that were promised by iOS6 here as the writing that appears on the map will be more clearly visible even in a position to be enlarged, and there is also the voice feature to indicate direction.

- SiriThis is good news for iPad users since Siri can now be used on the iPad.For the new features in Siri almost nothing but support many languages ​​and many countries.

- FacebookFor Facebook users will be pampered with iOS6 this because Facebook is really been integrated with iOS6 where we can do some things on FB update without having to close other applications. All friends on FB are also directly integrated in the contacts application and a friend's birthday will not be forgotten because everything is in. Also the calendar is in iOS6.

- Shared Photo StreamsThe easier it is to show your vacation photos to family or friends in the presence of the "Share" in the photo application. Even for iCloud users, automatic photo will appear directly aplkasi their photos without the need to notify by email.

- PassbookLike a digital wallet that will keep a few things ranging from tickets, discount cards and more. With iOS6, you can show the iPhone as a replacement ticket or a discount card which can later be scanned by barcode reader

- FaceTimeIf the previous FaceTime can only be used over Wi-Fi connection that can now be used with the phone connection (3G or 4G). And if first you need to know your email address in order to contact someone then later we can use a cell phone number instead of email, of course dimaksus herein is for the iPhone or iPad that has a SIM card.

- PhoneThis is new in the iPhone though not new to other phones.Now we can send SMS automatically when you're not to be disturbed, so if there are incoming calls and not appointed, will automatically send an SMS to the caller and told him that you are busy or do not want to be disturbed (absorbed in).

- MailThere are additional VIP menu that allows you to enter a list of important people who must read such email from the boss or your lover. Considering a lot of junk email (junk) would sometimes we can miss an important email and this is where the use of the VIP list, useful but not new in a mobile phone or tablet.

- SafariAn iCloud icon will appear in the browser that allows you to synchronize what you are reading so that later can be opened from other gadgets.

- AccessibilityImproved features for yaang has limits where we can control the iPad so that it can be easier to use for those who have limitations. For example, we can turn off Home button or limit the area of ​​the screen that can be touched to avoid closed or other applications.

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