Marvellous, A month Translucent VNT Fortuner Car Inden 1000 Unit

A month Translucent VNT Fortuner Car Inden 1000 Unit 

Since its initial launch in August 2012, Toyota's new SUV ie, p Grand New Fortuner VN Turbo already booked 1,000 units.

It was submitted by GM Corporate Planning and Public Relations of PT Toyota Astra Motor Widyawati Soedigdo on the sidelines of a test drive Grand New Fortuner VN Turbo in Bandung, West Java, on Monday (09/10/2012).


"VNT Fortuner was 1,000 units and automatic dominated by 60 percent," said Wiwied, call Widyawati.


Until now, the new TAM VNT Fortuner could send as many as 500 units. Toyota believes the presence of Grand New Fortuner VNT, the Japanese brand to boost sales of the Toyota SUV in the country.


"At least we can delivery 500 units. Before there VNT, our market share by 26 percent, fitting no VNT Fortuner us 39.4 percent market share. Sales reached 11,895 units during January-July 2012," he said.


By the end of 2012, TAM optimistic Toyota Fortuner SUV sales will increase. At least Toyota is targeting a market share of 40 percent.


"With so much stronger VNT Fortuner with a market share of 40 percent," he said.


With the change of the new diesel engine, the Grand New Fortuner VN Turbo has power and greater torque than before, so the response and acceleration were better.


In addition to changes to the engine, there are also changes to the engine hood. Previously, the engine hood is standard while now has been refined into a functioning hood scoop as the intercooler.


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