Many Luxury Features And The Flavors Were Dressed Audi Q3?

Many Luxury Features And the flavors were dressed Audi Q3? 

Although berbodi smaller and compact, Audi Q3 SUV still offers luxuries such as his brothers are Q5, Q6, and Q7.

Seeing the exterior, sports car character can be recognized from coupenya car design. Wedge-shaped headlights with Xenon mated to LED. Following the theme of the LED stop lamp that adds to the appearance of the Audi Q3 increasingly classy.

This tradition used to beautify the Audi line-up market in the world.
Several other luxuries recognizable at the grill with a single grille theme.

"This car is a little different than other compact SUVs. We believe this will be sold in Indonesia," said the CEO of PT Garuda Mataram Motor, Andrew Nasuri the launch of Audi Q3 at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, SCBD, Jakarta, Thursday (28/06/2012) .

Character as a premium SUV even clearer when advanced technology embedded Audi Q3 SUV like a premium.

Just look at the features like connectivity package (iPod, USB, bluetooth interface, memory card reader), pearl effect paint, xenon plus / jet washers, parking sensors (front & rear) multifunction steering wheel.
The interior also faces made to be more satisfying for the family car as luggage capacity of 460 liters which can be enlarged up to 1365 liters. Leather seats add an aura of luxury.

In the interior of the Audi car users will get a guaranteed car cabin silent. This silence can you change the voice booming from Audio system with 10 speakers plus a powerful 180 watt 6 channel amplifier sound. While the AC was already apply automatic comfort.

Look under the hood crumpled SUV Q3 TFSI engine 2,000 cc 4-cylinder petrol. This machine makes Q3 can be driven up to 230 km per hour speed.

The engine is mated to a 7 speed S-Tronic automatic.

Other advanced features of the Audi Drive Select can set some other elements in a single integrated system with power steering, engine management, automatic transmission, suspension.

Like it bother knowing the wind pressure? Audi Q3 complete with tire pressure monitoring. This system will monitor the condition of the air pressure of each tire through the sensor.

All this luxury you can get on a car worth Rp 602 million off the road.


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