Manchester City Pick Valuable Pills Governor and The Defeat of Aston Villa

Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini, judging Aston Villa played well and deserved to win 4-2 over his team in the League Cup third round match Capital One, at Etihad, Tuesday (09/25/2012).

"We were lucky because we had a number of chances, but we conceded fault and they deserve to qualify," said Mancini.


"I am disappointed with this result. Aston Villa are a good team, but we did not play well."


"Our games are not fast, we want to play bait one touch too many. This is not good."


"This is the fourth competition, but this is the only event that we have not won, and for that reason, we want to win. We are very disappointed," he said.


With these results, City have conceded 16 goals in eight games. Mancini said he would give attention to the beknya.


"Conceding a goal is a serious problem. We need to do something with the back row because we did not defend well today," he said.


Manchester City

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