Luxury Cars Mazda Rotary Engine Continues Researching

 Luxury Cars Mazda Rotary Engine Continues Researching
Mazda RX-8 with a rotary engine

Moscow - After floating fate, Mazda confirmed that they will continue to develop the rotary engine in the future. Mazda confirmed will still use a rotary engine sports car for some.


Speaking at the Moscow Motor Show Mazda boss Takashi Yamanouchi as reported by Autocar, Saturday (01/09/2012) re-affirmed the commitment associated Mazda rotary engine.


He revealed that Mazda currently has plans to launch a new car engine that uses it and will continue to develop applications for use in rotary sports car of the future.


Previous concerns emerged after the destruction of the rotary engine Mazda announced they stopped production sports car RX-8 in June. This is the last car that Mazda rotary engine.


"We're still learning. Rotary has excellent dynamic performance, but if you speed and use a lot of brake, there are disadvantages efficiency (fuel)," he said.


Yamanouchi also revealed that studies using rotary engines in the future will continue to do as long as he worked at Mazda.


"When I joined the company in 1967, is a rotary engine that motivated me," he said.


"We are constantly looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency and capability of the rotary engine so it can be a major resource again," due diligence.


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