Lets Go..Spying Proton Making Factory

Shah Alam / Tanjung Malim - Proton brand in Indonesia certainly familiar. Yes, this is a brand of cars from the neighbor country, Malaysia. In the kitchen Proton, car manufacturing was already underway with advanced technology, robotics equipment they already use.

To prove it, detikOto had a chance to explore further how the Proton factory work.

The first exploration detikOto to their headquarters is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Proton's headquarters are at the center of research and development of Proton.

This is where the research team began researching their car Proton. Officials said that Proton Proton born since 1983 that when they used Mitsubishi cars as a platform for the manufacture of their cars.

However, since the era of the 2000s, Proton said that they've been able to make their own cars ranging from sketches, prototypes to mass produce. And here's where all the innovation Proton born into the world.

In Shah Alam, Proton and adjust their strategies in place that has a total area of ​​250 acres is also Proton also fill it with 'Gallery Proton' which showed Proton innovations since their first birth to a hybrid platform for their future.

There were a series of cars that Lotus brand is already they have since 1996.
Not only R & D that is in the Proton headquarters in Shah Alam. In this place, Proton Proton is also the birth place of cars like the Saga and Exora. Within a year, Proton factory in Shah Alam is able to produce 210 thousand cars.

A test track (test track) are also provided. Test track was constructed in 1996 with an oval-shaped path along the 1.8 km. At each end of the track has a slope of 42 degrees.

DetikOto lucky chance to feel the strength of Proton Exora Bold, Preve MT and Preve CFE equipped turbo in place.

Only there? Apparently not. Because, detikOto was then explore other Proton plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak within 81 km from Kuala Lumpur.

In this place the stamping, body assembly to painting for cars like the Proton Persona, Gen2 and their new sedan, Preve done.

Was Proton's production facility also has an extremely wide reaching 1280 acres.

Because of the breadth, the region will also put Proton vendors 'park' will be the central component of their vendors, universities, town center to a recreation center and housing to accompany their plant which has a capacity of 150 thousand cars per year or 1 per car less than 2 minutes.

"In this place was born 37 cars per hour," said Director of Proton Holdings Berhad Group Manufacturing Azmi Bin Idris in Tanjung Malim.


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