Less Reliable Apple Maps, Google Maps Selling Expensive

Less Reliable Apple Maps, Google Maps Selling Expensive
The decision to remove the Google Map application from iPhone and iPad to be paid handsomely by Apple.

After the release of the new digital maps, Apple Maps on iOS version 6, Apple critics of Apple mobile device users.


Digital maps are apparently complained not to show detail map informative. In fact, some users reported getting lost while using Maps as your Apple way.


Not enough to get complaints from users, Apple had another blow-related availability of digital maps on his mobile device.


Eric Schmidt, who currently serves as executive chairman of Google, sending bad news for users of the iPhone and iPad.


As quoted by Reuters, Eric denied the availability of native applications on the Google Map (Apple) App Store.


"We have not done anything," Eric said, shortly before leaving the launch of Google's Nexus tablet 7 in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday (09/25/2012).


This means that Google Maps that have been tested and proven accuracy (currently) better than Apple Maps, will not be available for the iPhone and iPad.


Rebuttal directly from Google boss is contrary to previous reports circulating that mention Google Maps application will soon be available in iOS 6.


However, iOS device users can still access services 6 Google Maps from the Safari browser. But of course its not going to complete and the best in the native application.


As reported previously, the "shortage" Apple Maps, Apple promised to continue to improve its quality.


One step to realize that promise, to the extent that Apple is willing to hire ex-employees of Google Maps.



Wicaksono Surya Hidayat


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