Leaked Photos of Motor Newest Kawasaki Z800

Leaked photos of Motor Newest Kawasaki Z800

 Jakarta - Kawasaki motor manufacturers quietly make improvements in his sports car, Z750. Later, this bike will have a larger capacity engine.

Kawasaki as reported Visordown say if the picture successor Z750 with 800 cc engine leak. This motor will be called the Z800 and it had long been rumored to be born.


His body is similar to the Z750 but has a larger engine.

The presence of large machines such as Kawasaki in line with the steps that develop some of its variants - especially for the American market - with a larger engine of the motor that is in another country.


For example, if other countries like Indonesiamendapatkan Ninja 250 with a 250 cc engine in America is developing Kawasaki Ninja 300 engine 300 cc.


Similarly, the Kawasaki ZX-6R that will megusung 636 cc engine.


Judging from the photo leaked, looks Z800 does look similar to the Z750. It just looks different and looks beberapabagiannya take inspiration from the Z1000.


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