KIA Car Manufacturers Optimistic Post The 350 Unit Sales

 KIA Car Manufacturers Optimistic Post the 350 Unit Sales


Jakarta - Korean car manufacturer, KIA, optimistic to reap sales of 350 units in Indonesia International Motor Show this year. Until today, Friday, September 28, KIA sales in the exhibition has reached 278 units.

"Hopefully it can be achieved, usually in the last two days a lot (cars sold)," said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto detikOto Sukmono when met at the KIA booth, in the arena of IIMS, Saturday (09/28/2012).


Sales of KIA cars are most at IIMs is none other than the cute KIA Picanto, Kia Picanto especially automatic transmission. Followed by new stuff as well Kia Rio sedan and hatchback Kia Sportage Platinum.


While it was alluded to in the absence environmentally friendly cars such as hybrid in the booth IIMs this year, does not mean KIA minimal innovation. Hartanto said, the KIA has brought hybrid cars by 2011. "It was for this show are pretty, KIA has a hybrid," he said.


KIA alone put quite a lot of new car line-up this year, from the Sportage, RIO sedan, hatchback, Picanto and Sorento diesel. "So if you want to carry it all, (booth) is not enough," he said, laughing joke.


Here KIA car sales data in IIMs till 29 September 2012:
All New Kia Picanto / AT 74 units
New KIA Picanto all / MT 44 units
All New KIA RIO / AT 74 units
All New KIA RIO / MT 26 units
All New KIA RIO Sedan 10 units
KIA All New Sportage / AT 4 units
KIA All New Sportage / MT 8 units
KIA All New Sportage Platinum 38 units

A total of 278 units

(Source PT KIA Mobil Indonesia)


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