Kawasaki Ninja 250 More Economical Fuel Injection 15 Percent

Kawasaki Ninja 250 More Economical Fuel Injection 15 Percent 

Jakarta - Thanks injection machines are installed in New Ninja 250, Kawasaki claims that this makes the fuel consumption New Ninja 250 to be 15 percent more efficient than previous versions.

Promotion Marketing Manager of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia Freddyanto Basuki explained that the injection system applied New Ninja 250 is designed to make the bike more fuel efficient devour.


"So the more controlled fuel supply. This is what makes this bike 10-15 percent more efficient than the old one," he said.


New generation Ninja 250 itself has a very aggressive and refreshing. Very different variants present Ninja 250.


Kawasaki says that the development of a new generation Ninja 250 is very attentive to the needs of consumers in Indonesia, because it is New Ninja 250 was first shown in Indonesia, not in other countries. Even in Japan and the United States have not been released.


The engine is powered by an ear of engine 4 stroke, water cooling that has a capacity of 249 cc. Engine has a compression ratio of 11,3:1 brings a 6-speed transmission to deliver peak power of 32 PS and torque of 21 Nm.


There was in Indonesia, for standard Ninja 250, Kawasaki off with a choice of 4 colors namely Lime Green, Ebony, Pearl Stardust White and Red Passion was to be delivered starting in August 2012 with a price of Rp 49.9 million.


While the Ninja 250 is equipped with ABS brakes released with two colors namely Lime Green / Ebony and Passion Red / White Stardust which will begin shipping in October at a price of Rp 56.9 million.


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