Just There "Browser" in IE (Windows RT), Mozilla Upset

Just There "Browser" in IE (Windows RT), Mozilla Upset 

Microsoft is limiting the presence of third-party browser applications on the operating system Windows 8 running on devices with ARM architecture processors, or called Windows RT. This means, there is only the default browser Internet Explorer (IE) to surf the internet.

This decision makes Mozilla upset. Mozilla Firefox as browser developers said Microsoft's decision to limit the user's choice, reduce competition, and freeze innovation.


"If IE can run on Windows RT, then there is no technical reason to conclude other browsers can not do the same thing," wrote Mozilla General Counsel Harvey Anderson, on his personal blog.


Anderson considers this issue is very important because the ARM architecture processors will be the future. The signs could be seen as current mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones use more ARM processors.


Microsoft's restrictions, said Anderson, have antitrust implications, meaning that Microsoft is judged not to protect and encourage competition.


At the end of his writings, Anderson advised that Microsoft still firmly respect the rights of the users choice and refused to take a shortcut.



Wicaksono Surya Hidayat/kompas


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