Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha Ask for "Selling" New V-Ixion

Jakarta - Certainty Yamaha to deliver a new model seems to be a certainty. MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo was certain to be a launch.

Certainty presence detikOto new model prediction is a new generation of Yamaha V-Ixion is due to be born in the last quarter of 2012.


"I entrusted greetings from MotoGP Lorenzo. Hopefully this year he can come back to Indonesia," said Executive Vice President of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Dyonisius Beti.


The arrival of Lorenzo himself by Dyon is to launch a new product that is being prepared Yamaha.


"Came to launch new models, Lorenzo is coming, we're seeing the schedule, we set before or at JMS (Jakarta Motorcycle Show-held late October and early November)," he added, saying the latest testing V-Ixion already done more than 50,000 km .


The new generation of V-Ixion is itself rumored to be a design that is completely new with some striking changes in this bike than the current version.


In the hind legs will be no disc brake, while the application of the latest injection system from Yamaha which is then juxtaposed with a CO2 sensor to keep the emission gas will also be paired. Gear ratio is also different motors. There are 6 of his teeth.


The new V-Ixion will certainly have tough opponents from rival Honda, which also launched a ready position between motor sport and Tiger MegaPro.


Honda sport bike that would be opposed to V-Ixion will be equipped with CBR150R engine complete with Honda's new generation injection system.


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