Indonesia to Kawasaki Marketing Backbone

Indonesia to Kawasaki Marketing Backbone 

Jakarta - Although still a fourth motor manufacturers in Indonesia, for the ASEAN level, Kawasaki proud. For Kawasaki motorcycle sales in Indonesia is the best in Southeast Asia, and even in Asia.

Director of Marketing PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Mitsuhiko Okada said that the Indonesian market is a very important market for Kawasaki. Therefore, Indonesia is the largest market on the continent they are yellow.


"For us the biggest ASEAN. In Asia, too," he said.

Furthermore, he told me that in ASEAN rivals Indonesia only Philippines. There, Kawasaki Philippines sales reached 120 thousand units, but most of the units sold are brand motorcycle Bajaj who do have collaboration with Kawasaki. While sales of the Kawasaki brand motorcycles are not great.


"While last year's Thailand wares less than 50 thousand. Indonesia last year and this year 100 thousand our target of 120 thousand. Was Kawasaki all, because we do not sell motorcycles like Bajaj brand in the Philippines," he added.


New Kawasaki Ninja 250 for Indonesia according to Okada has a target of 2,000 units per month. Up from an earlier generation Ninja stands at 1,500 units. "In the first half we sell 7 thousand units of Ninja. Total about 27-28 thousand units," he added.


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