How Can Ya? One invitation on Facebook Causes Riots

How Can Ya? One invitation on Facebook Causes Riots 
Thousands of people come to Haren, a small town in the Netherlands, Friday (21/9) evening, as a birthday party invitation posted on the social network Facebook. The gathering of thousands of people in a small town sparked riots that led to 34 people were arrested, 29 people were injured, and damage up to one million euros ($ 12.5 billion).

In riots throughout the night, riot police pelted with rocks, bottles, flower pots, and even a bike by the mob. In the morning, prosecutors said Hessel Schuth, 34 people were arrested and put on trial for violating public order.

"Trash the rampage in our city," said Rob Bats, Mayor Haren, located 185 kilometers north of Amsterdam that.

The estimated loss of up to 1 million euros spent Dutch Insurance Association. The insurer said it will try every effort ensure that guilty parties accounted for the cost of repairs.

The beginning of the unrest was an invitation to a birthday party-16 posted a girl on Facebook. The party was intended to be a small celebration, but she forgot to set the invitation as a private event. No doubt, widespread invitation and responded to more than 20,000 people.

It was followed by the appearance of several sites created specifically for the party, one of them put her address in addition to the message, "Please bring friends!"

Police prepare for all possibilities. According to residents, no less than 4,000 people came to the small town has a population of 18,000 people live.

The road to the house she was blockaded. Around 500 policemen were deployed to secure the party. Police rescue teenage girls from their homes, and prohibit the consumption of liquor in the surrounding area. Riot police intervened when several hundred young drunk trying to go down that road.

After police pelted with various objects, youth groups moved to the city center. There they destroy cars, fences, street lights, and traffic control signs.

Haren's police chief, Oscar Drots, at a televised press conference said the 34 people arrested was charged with public order offenses. Police also have taken photos unrest, opening the possibility of further detention.

Bats said preliminary analysis shows, the rioters were being very loud. They look full of preparation and deliberately provoke a confrontation with the police.

Readiness was seen among others, from T-shirts that read "Project X Haren" are subject to a number of young people who come to Haren on Friday night. It was referring to the teen movie titled Project X, tells the story of a birthday party in the suburbs that became uncontrollable after the invitation has spread throughout the internet.

On Saturday, there is another account on Facebook called Project Clean-X Haren, encouraging people to help clean up the streets of the small town. (AFP / AP / AT)

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