Hah Toyota Camatte, Car Safe Driving Kids

Sora Camatte

Tokyo - The car has been the 'private property' of the adult. But that does not mean kids can not drive it.

It is a concept car Toyota Camatte, this car is a car that deliberately Toyota for mengibur family. Anyone can drive including parents and children.


Just do not be driven on public roads, because the car is only typically used in private residential complex.


Camatte is currently on display at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2012 at Tokyo Big Sight Koto Ward, Tokyo.


The funny thing, the car can be changed at will by changing various body panels of various colors. So the kids can learn the basic structure of the car with tinkering with his car. Camatte has two types of car body that is Camatte Sora, the unique green and Camatte Daichi who briefly looked like jeeps.


Is it safe while driving the kids? Just as the car used to drive the course, and the car has a brake pedal in the back seat to help children to drive.


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