Government Urges Adoption BMW Euro4 Fuel standards

Government Urges Adoption BMW Euro4 fuel standards 
Automotive technology increasingly sophisticated. But it was not accompanied by an increase in fuel standards of Euro2. BMW also urged the government to immediately carry Euro4 fuel standards.

As presented Corporate Communication Director of PT BMW Indonesia, Helena Abidin detikOto M6 Coupe at the launch at IIMS 2012, Tuesday (25/09/2012).


"We urge the government to the Euro4, and this should be a push. Addition, we also to push diesel variant as well, because we have the best technology., And it also can be environmentally friendly vehicles," said Helena.


Speaking of technology, said Helena, we can not do, because it's constantly evolving technology. "If our country is not going to be back," added Helena.


Associated with hybrid cars, actually also have a variant hybrid BMW i8 and i3 such. "To create this hybrid car we still are studying while waiting for improving the existing infrastructure," said Helena.


Well that increased fuel standards, of course the cars had been able to smooth drink gasoline in Indonesia.


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