Give Intense Increasingly Toyota Electric Car

Give Intense increasingly Toyota Electric Car 

Tokyo - Electric cars are considered as the car of the future. Toyota admits it and starts to multiply line up electric cars. The latest is Eq. An electric car that were based on the iQ minicar.

The car will be sold for 3.6 million yen in Japan about USD 443 million is capable of speeds up to 100 km with a maximum speed of 125 km per hour.

From the marketing side, although it is still awaiting official government policy regarding the sale of environmentally friendly cars, but Toyota is ready to market electric cars to the worldwide market.

To that end, Toyota will perform a variety of steps including embracing local associates for the procurement of various completeness operations, including electric charging stations.

Steps to embrace the local partner was delivered by the assertion was made by Vice Chairman of the Board of Toyota, Takeshi Uchiyamada, in the presence of journalists, including reporters from Indonesia Budi detikOto Muchus R, Mega Web in Odaiba, Tokyo.

According Uchiyamada, in cooperation with local partners is something that must be done and has been prepared for marketing pioneering electric car, one kind of eco-friendly cars that are projected on a large scale by Toyota to the front.

Included as part of the cooperation plan, one of which is the provision of the locations of charging energy or power for electric car batteries. Because of course, the presence of charging stations is a vital part of the marketing of one of these environmentally friendly cars.

However, Uchiyamada said marketing environmentally friendly cars are still dependent on government policy.

Because according to him, the government had to create a legal framework to provide incentives for marketing. Without it, eco-friendly vehicles at the present time would be far too expensive compared to conventional vehicles since the cost of production which is still very high.

He said it should not be given incentives to producers, melaikan to consumers to be able to reach its price. But the more precise is the incentive is realized in the form of subsidized education as a process of knowledge transfer.


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