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Runic Games filled his new hack-and-slash role-playing game Torchlight II not only with Easter Eggs, the good people also activated a Developer Console (Eintwicklerkonsole) to encourage the modders. The developer console facilitates ddas testing modifications, but it is also a great tool to just mess around and have fun. There is the God Mode (God Mode), cheats that allow you to set your level seltbst, and a cheat, who ensures that all available items appear in the game. With the complete list of Torchlight II Developer Console Commands you can really let it rip.

WARNING! You can modified versions of Torchlight II do not play online with unmodified versions. Not all commands mean that your game is considered to be modified. Other commands make sure that your character is considered suspect if you play online. Many of these commands have not been adequately tested, so use this at your own risk.

Torchlight II PC console commands
Note: If you use the DEV CONSOLE, you risk having your account will be separated from non-modified versions of Torchlight II. Some make sure that they are classified as suspicious players. Nützung these instructions at your own risk.

To turn on the console window

Change the file "settings.txt" that you find in your Torchlight 2 Torchlight 2 Save File Save file.
The save file can be found here: "C :/ Users / USERNAME # # / My Games / Runic Games / Torchlight 2/Save"

Note: "# USERNAME #" is your personal username.

Open the file with a text editor (word processor), and then press CTRL + F to search for "Console: 0" to search. Change this parameter to "Console: 0" to "Console 1" to enable the Developer Console (developer console), making it possible to use in Torchlight 2 cheat console commands.
Since the codes are now enabled, you can open the console window in the game by clicking "Insert" ("Insert") button.

Developer Console CommandsNote: Replace "# # #" with numbers and remove all the parentheses / Bays.
GOD: toggles invincibility on / off.GODSPEED: Toggles invincibility and extra speed on / off.LEVELUP: Gain XP to level upAIFREEZE: Monster AI toggle on / off.PLAYERNOTARGET: Monster targeting toggle on / off. (Ghost Mode)KILLALL: Kills all monsters.ALWAYSCRIT: Player always critically hits.ASCEND: Goes down a floor.DESCEND: Goes up a floor.MONEY # # #: Sets amount of gold to "# # #".AllItems: Spawns all items.CLS: Clears consolehistory.SETTIME # # #: Sets the time of day to "# # #".SETTIMESCALE # # #: sets the time scale for time of day to "# # #".ROOM: Returns the room the player is currently in.FPS: Shows the frame rate and other information.SPEED: Toggles additional speed for the character.DAMAGE SHAPES: toggles damage shapes on and offSTATPOINTS # # #: Gives you stat points set to "# # #".STRENGTH # # #: Gives you melee points set to "# # #".DEXTERITY # # #: Gives you points ranged set to "# # #".MAGIC # # #: Gives you magic points set to "# # #".# # # DEFENSE: Gives you defense points set to "# # #".ALLSTATS # # #: Gives you the count to all stats to "# # #".FAME # # #: Gives you fame points set to "# # #".SKILL POINTS # # #: Gives you skill points set to "# # #".SETPETLEVEL: sets the pet's level set to "# # #"DISABLEPET: Disables / Enables the player's pet.RELOAD: Reloads textures.Pathing: Pathing Toggles debug display.Combatlog: Toggles combat log.SOUND DEBUG: Toggles sound debug.CLEAR HISTORY: Clears level history.MISSILETRAILS: Shows missile trails.DEBUG LOGIC: Toggles if the logic events are fired to the ogre log.NOXP: Player does not gain XP.ANIMATION SPEED # # #: Changes the animation of everything to match the FPS.Hurtme # # #: Reduces percent the player and the player's pet given by the HP.RESETSTATS: Resets the player's stat points.SKILLS RESET: Resets the player's skills.PLAYER LEVEL RESET: Resets the player's level to 1stRESETPETLEVEL: reset pet's level to 1stPLAYER RESET: Resets the player's stats, skills, and level.CAMERA DISTANCE # # #: The # # # will be the camera from the player.

Other commands:
SKILL name / index = type skill just to see a list of skills. Type the number or the name of the skill to make active on the player.SKILL TEST = different in the command skill, this will allow you to execute any skill even if it was not intended for your character.ITEM index. Count = the params are optional Type items to see index of all monsters in the game.ITEM itemName, count = count of itemName creates.AllItems unitType = spawns all items of a given unit type (use "_" for spaces)IDENTIFYALL identify all items in the player's inventory.ANY index, count = the params are optional. Type any to see index of all units in the game.EDITOR OBJECT object name, count = Creates an object from the editor for testing memory use.UNIT unit name, count = creates a unit by name and count.SPAWNCLASS spawnclassName, count, level = just type spawnclass to see all the spawn classes listed. Pass in zero or a negative number for level will use the dungeon as the depth level.MONSTER index, count = the params are optional. Type monster to see indices of all monsters in the game.MONSTER monster name, count = count of monster name createsMONSTERMEM monster name, # # # = the params are optional. Creates and deletes a monster for memory testing.MODEL modelpath, # # # = the params are optional. Creates and deletes a model for memory testing.DUNGEON dungeon name = sets the current dungeonCLEANUP = releases unused resourcesCHARGEBARMULT = makes the charge by X percent easier to fillUNIT TYPES = displays all unit typesRESTART LEVEL = restarts the current levelQUESTS = lists all questsQUEST ACTIVE quest name = sets a quest to activeQUEST SHOW ACTIVE = Shows all the players active questsQUEST COMPLETE quest name = sets a quest to completeQUEST RESET quest name = resets a quest to not be active or completeQUEST COMPLETE = Lists all the quests completeSHOW BLOOD = toggles blood particlesDIFFICULTY = displays the current game difficultySETDIFFICULTY index = sets the current difficultyACHIEVEMENTS = lists the achievements and if they are completeMEMORY = dumps the memory allocation to the console.TAGS = dumps all tags used in the level and what got created.ITEMBYMESH = Pass, part of a mesh name to spawn with all items that contain the string you passed.UIREFRESH = forces a refresh on the UI.MODIFYSIGHT = changes the sight distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.MODIFYMOTION = changes the motion distance of monsters activation. Pass 0 to reset.CHARACTER COUNT = returns the number of characters in the updating levelPLAYER ANIMATION = dumps to the console Which animation the player is playing and stopping.DOLLYMIN mindis = The min dolly distance for interaction.BLOOM = Toggle full screen bloom.LOGCONSOLE = Show the logging console.DATA CONNECTION = dump a connection datafile.ADDFRIENDBYUSER = Add a friend by username or email.DROPCONN = Drop the given connection id.


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