Funny Video Troops "Clown" is Gangnam Style

Funny Video troops "Clown" is Gangnam Style 

Most of you have probably heard by now the songs "Gangnam Style" which crop up a lot in video games and video clips of all kinds, whether it fits or it does not now. You may even know the dance. But it certainly can not dance as good as these guys.

If you like the song, and Skyrim, you should look at this video really. If you are interested in technology, you should read on to find out how the whole thing was done. If not - you enjoy the video.


The video is just three days ago and already mega successful. And this success is more than justified.


Games Beat asked of the modders abexomotron1 about the technical details of the design of the video. If you have even a little knowledge of modding and / or animation, you will probably be impressed by the effort.


"I took the Gangnam dance-motion data, created with the Miku Miku Dance software by YouTube user MotionMaker Diva. I then converted that file to work with the Havok Content Tools plugin to that Skyrim could use it, "said the Creator. Havok is the way the physics engine, which has been used for Skyrim.


Games Beat goes on: "After that, he implemented the dance routine into an existing mod that he found on casualmods.net." Except for a few adjustments to the camera angles, he was able to produce everything that you can see above.


Unfortunately, the mod abexomotron1 not make publicly available, as it is not the rights to the dance animation features. We'll have to make do until further with the video

Video in Youtube:


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