Full Profile Super Tough and Elegant Cars Chevy Aveo

Full Profile super Tough and Elegant Cars Chevy Aveo

Despite the defeat of the MPV, hatchback is one of the popular types of vehicles in Indonesia. American manufacturer Chevrolet decided to give birth All New Chevrolet Aveo. How full profile new car?

For the engine, General Motors Indonesia, rate 3 variants of Aveo (1.4 LS, 1.4 LT manual, and 1.4 LT automatic) is holding a 1,400 cc engine.


"There are several variants that have not entered into Indonesia. Yet we saw 3 variant is a good start. While looking forward variant of what needs to be added to strengthen the position hatchback," said Marketing Director of GM Indonesia, Yuniadi Haksono Hartono.


Yuniadi also give reasons why GM 1.4 that Indonesia chose engine coupled with All New Chevrolet Aveo in Indonesia. Though there overseas All New Chevrolet Aveo (Sonic), has had a 1.4 Turbo engine variants.


"Larena this machine is enough to represent a class hatchback in Indonesia. Anyway we saw a fat market in Indonesia is playing here. So I guess that is enough," close Yuniardi.

Varian Aveo Harga (juta rupiah)
1.4 LS MT 168,8
1.4 LT MT 178,8
1.4 LT AT 193,8


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