Electric Car Minister of Indonesia Super Order "Dahlan Iskan" Completed Soon

Electric Car Minister of Indonesia Super Order "Dahlan Iskan" Completed Soon
Photo: Danet Suryatama

Jakarta - electric sports car the nation's children, ElektrikCar Tucuxi, nearing completion in production. Dahlan Iskan order cars are predicted to finish in the coming weeks.

This car was designed and implemented by Danet Suryatama body modification in a workshop Butterfly Night in Yogyakarta.

Danet Suryatama itself is a school dropout who later ITS again in Michigan, USA. He's 10 years working in the famous car company in America, Chrysler.


Name this electric car in concept form is Tucuxi. Not yet known what the meaning of this name. A short search on Google, Tucuxi is the name of a dolphin found in the Amazon and other parts of South America.

Battery electric vehicles will have a minimum of 321.8 km distance cruising whenever the battery with a full charge. The body of this car will be made of carbon fiber material strong but lightweight when compared to other conventional materials.


"Almost finished, and God willing we can see in the coming weeks," said Danet in electronic mail sent to the editorial detikOto.

As you can see from the photo above, it looks electric sports car berkelir red paint with a futuristic design. Some parts of the car is covered with plastic.

Want to know the specification of a sports car, according to ElekrikCar? Here's the data:


     Length: 4413 mm
     Width: 1995 mm
     Height: 1,200 mm
     Wheel Base: 3110 mm
     Track: 1.606.5 mm
     Ground Clearance: 150.9 mm
     Weight: 1112.1 Kg

technical specifications

     Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate or Nano-Lithium
     Roaming: 200-300 miles per full content
     Motor: 200kW (268HP) Permanent Magnet AC
     Battery charging time: Depending on the configuration of the battery is less than 4 hours
     Passenger capacity: 2 (2) or 4 passengers
     Maximum speed: 120 miles per hour
     Body: Aramid-Carbon Fiber Composite

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