Crazy! Many Thanks to Break, Toyota Car Sales Drop Sales

Crazy! Many thanks to Break, Toyota sales drop Sales 

Prediction car sales will drop in August proved. After Honda, Toyota car sales also dropped in August 2012 stated. Toyota only able to sell the car as much as 25 848 units, down compared to July 2012 reached 36 353 units.

President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan, said the decline in Toyota's sales in August due to a lot of days off. Working period only 2 weeks in August 2012.

"SPK (Vehicle Booking Letter) throughout August has decreased significantly. It is considered reasonable because the effective day of work is very limited, related to the long Eid holidays. However, we are grateful to a number of products to maintain its growth trend," Johnny said in a statement on Tuesday ( 09.04.2012).

Some products are able to maintain the growth trend is the Toyota Vios and Limo of segment sedan, Toyota Rush of the SUV segment, the Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 of the segment, as well as Toyota Hilux (single cabin) and Toyota Dyna (6 tire) of the commercial vehicle segment.

Throughout the month, the Toyota Land Cruiser posted the biggest growth, ie 30.5%, with sales of 111 units. Toyota Rush which has been the backbone of Toyota's sales, recorded a growth of 14% with sales of 2305 units.

Meanwhile, sales of Toyota Dyna (6 tire) grew 8.5%, with total sales of 1780 units, the Toyota Hilux (B-cab) grew by 3.8% with sales of 550 units. In class sedan, Toyota Vios and Limo which posted total sales of 1346 units or an increase of 2% compared to the previous month.

Throughout August 2012, Toyota posted total sales of 1798 units in the sedan segment, the 2226 unit in the compact car segment, 15,222 units in the MPV segment, the SUV segment units in 3334, 157 units in the 4x4 segment, unit 1126 in the pickup segment, as well as the 1985 unit in the segment 2 ton commercial vehicle.

Johnny wished Toyota could increase sales in September 2012 or the Indonesia International Motor Show 2012 which took place on 20-30 September.


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