Crazy, Electric Skateboard Able to Defeat Speed​​ Cars Corvette C5

Crazy, Electric Skateboard Able to Defeat Speed​​ Cars Corvette C5

 Corvette C5 has a powerful engine powered at nearly 321 miles per hour. But the car was not able to resist the electric skateboard! Well how come?

Apparently it happened in a drag race that is short of around 21 meters.


Reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (03/09/2012) to reach a speed of 0-42 km / h, electric skateboard called Gnarboard was ridden by Josh Tulberg it only takes 1.9 seconds. And the results were quite remarkable.


While the Corvette powered 5.7-liter V8 engine capable of reaching a top speed of 328 Km / Hour.

Although different seperkian seconds but it results in a drag race electric skateboard faster.


"We know a drag race with a Corvette will be able to demonstrate how powerful electric skateboard," says the inventor of the world's fastest skateboarding Josh Tulberg.


"We were both trying to be the best. Craig, Corvette driver withstand high RPM before the road so he does not lose time from idle. He also has a good traction control, which allows him to accelerate the vehicle as soon as possible and not lose time doing burning," Tulberg said.


"While I was on a skateboard, and because the electric motor generates torque instantly, I had to put my weight forward and try not to wheelie when I accelerate the vehicle. We both tried our best," he concluded.


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