Crazy! Car SUV 'War' To The Jetset

Crazy! Car SUV 'War' To The Jetset

Want to feel the sensation of the car wars like the Humvee? Here it is Conquest Evade, super expensive SUV made ​​car manufacturer from Toronto Canada to the upmarket SUV but do not want to fight.

SUVs are made entirely by hand is very tough and is similar to his brother the Conquest Knight EV. Evade The difference is not bulletproof, while the Knight XV is a bulletproof SUV.


So Evade is a 'normal car' was first made ​​by the manufacturer's specialist bulletproof car.


How much is it? Yeah pretty U.S. $ 579,000 or U.S. $ 5.4 billion! This makes Conquest Evade more expensive than the U.S. war SUV sold to the general public. Price Humvee according to MSN Autos from U.S. $ 60,000 to U.S. $ 150,000.


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