Crazy! Apple Sues Supplementary Compensation for USD 707 Million From Samsung

Apple sues Supplementary Compensation for USD 707 Million from Samsung

California, USA - Apple seems to have not been content to accept compensation of USD 1.05 billion from Samsung after the trial San Jose, United States granted the patent infringement lawsuit last August. The company was re-filed claims for compensation whose value is not less great.

Of the Cupertino tech giant is known demanded additional compensation for a total of up to USD 707 million. With this additional compensation, meaning that Apple - if granted - will receive compensation amounting to USD 1.756 billion.


Quoted by Reuters on Monday (09/24/2012), any additional details requested compensation consists of Apple, $ 400 million for design patent infringement, patent utility USD 135 million, and a loss of sales during the session with an approximate happen until December , with a total of USD 121 million and USD 50 million.


In addition, Apple also requested that the court ordered to block the sale of Samsung Galaxy SIII in the U.S.. Seeing Apple memo filed Friday (21/09/2012) night the Samsung immediately requested a new court filing schedule to the U.S. courts.


In a separate statement, Samsung regrets the fact that the decision of the patent should cover issues such as the form of the product in addition to point technology.

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