Cool, General Motors Disallow Obama and Romney Campaigns in Factory

 Cool, General Motors Disallow Obama and Romney Campaigns in Factory

Washington - General Motors is a car manufacturer that saved the U.S. government from bankruptcy. But in this election season arrivals GM rejected the two U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for their mill to campaign.

GM, told USA Today wanted to avoid becoming a part of the presidential campaign rhetoric. So they decided to ban the second visit at least until election day on November 6 though, the U.S. government is still the largest shareholder of GM.


"We want to put all our energy in selling cars and trucks," he reasons GM Vice President Bob Ferguson.


GM has been less visible lobbying decisions taken by the federal government, and take a stand shut down at least until the election is over.


GM was stuck in bankruptcy in 2009. As a result the U.S. Treasury provide bailout worth U.S. $ 49.5 billion to save GM. Bailout GM has returned U.S. $ 23 billion, so the U.S. government mmasih GM owns 32%.


Obama also took advantage of GM, she said in February that the auto industry has added 200,000 jobs since 2009. But rival Romney said the bailout was to make the taxpayers lose.


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