Chronologically Sengketa 'Together Prima' Versi Telkomsel

Chronologically Sengketa 'Together Prima' Versi Telkomsel 

The desire for the welfare of sportsmen Indonesia to release prime cards and vouchers Prima actually have good intentions. Unfortunately, the plan became anticlimactic and make the operator who carried - Telkomsel - declared bankrupt by the court.

Bankruptcy decision of the Commercial Court of Central Jakarta was once in favor of PT Prima Jaya Informatics, a company that previously had 'intimate' and become partners SingTel to work on cards and vouchers entitled the sport.

What kind of chronology case began, the following explanation Telkomsel version attorney Ricardo Simanjuntak in a press conference held at the Ballroom Wisma Mulia, Jakarta, Friday (21/09/2012).

-. Agreements related to cards and vouchers Prima happened last June 1, 2011. Where initially, memorandum of understanding (MoU) took place between Indonesia Telkomsel with Athletes Foundation (YOI). With this agreement, Telkomsel authorizes the YOI to sell Vodacom, the starter pack and recharge


-. To execute the MoU, YOI then appointed PT Prima Jaya Informatics. In cooperation agreement stated that PT Prima targeted to sell 10 million cards, and 120 million prime recharge voucher in the span of a year. But to do a week of evaluation.

-. The way it works is, PT Prima asked how many units of prime card / voucher to Telkomsel. So after goods sent, only paid by PT Prima for sale to the sportsmen community. Because also mentioned in the agreement, the target market cards / vouchers are sports community, and the benefits can be taken for the welfare of sportsmen YOI.

-. But within a year, PT Prima said attorney Ricardo Simanjuntak Telkomsel, unable to meet the target. So when PT Prima requested additional supply prime card / voucher was rejected by Telkomsel.

-. Feeling the agreement unilaterally decided by Telkomsel, PT Prima then launched subpoena. By Telkomsel, the summons was not answered, until the case was brought by PT Prima to justice.

-, In the complaint, PT Prima Jaya Informatics feel aggrieved Rp5, 2 billion in the form of bills. Yet according to Telkomsel, no transaction happened, so how could appear charge.

-. In addition to allegedly not meeting sales targets, PT Prima also be in breach of the agreement because of selling prime card / voucher to foreign sportsmen community. Well, with these conditions. Telkomsel feel entitled to cut off cooperation, as already mentioned in the Cooperation Agreement (PSK).

-. Telkomsel is regrettable that, when in court, the judge considered not hear witnesses from Telkom's subsidiaries. Includes information about the target is not met. Until finally defeated and sentenced Telkomsel declared bankrupt by the court.

-, Not satisfied with the decision, Telkomsel and then take the fight to the appeals filed at the Supreme Court on Friday (09/21/2012) at around 11:00 pm.
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