Cheers November, Let's Hunting Car Sale!

Cheers November, let's Hunting Car Sale!

 Not complete it if the car shows no discount. Any cars being discounted in IIMs?

We start from the old school-old school. Following the arrival of the model barunyam Honda CR-V models trimmed old price to Rp 20 million to Rp 30 million.

"Basically, all of our product no discounts. But for older CR-V there is a special discount for Rp 20 million and Rp 30 million automatic to manual transmissions," said Honda's sales promotion girl in the Honda booth at the IIMs.

While Honda offers a rebate of up to Rp 5 million for the Freed MPV. In Indonesia, the CR-V is provided in three variants namely the type 2.0 LM / T at USD 359 million, 2.0 LA / T at Rp 370 million, and for the top type 2.4 LA / T at Rp 404 million.

Not only Honda cut car prices in Indonesia International Motor Shiw (IIMS) 2012. Manufacturer Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi and others also cut vehicle prices by thousands of dollars.

Toyota offers a piece large enough to type hatchback Yaris S Limited hingg Rp 35 million, and the J and E cut to Rp. 29 million.


While MPV Avanza Veloz is discounted to $ 5 million and her sister MPV, Innova G Diesel type are given a discount of up to Rp 10 million. Mitsubishi gives discounts and Dakar Pajero Sport Exceed Rp 5 million and Rp 10 million.


Nissan did not want to lose. SUV X-Trail prices fell to Rp. 16 million. Fun consumers get V-kool window film. Livina MPV dikorting Rp. 11.5 million, Juke trimmed to Rp 19 million and Rp 8.5 million March hatchback.


U.S. car manufacturer Ford that dare to Rp 50 million for Everest SUV. Meanwhile, Ranger and Fiesta Trend given piece of Rp. 20 million and the type of Sport (Fiesta) Rp 23 million.


"This is for customer satisfaction, time's up until 30 September," said SPG Ford Ford booth.


On the other hand, the Korean manufacturer, Hyundai is giving discounts up to USD 10 million for the Sonata sedan. Interestingly for buyers MPV H-1 are discounted up to Rp. 5 million - Rp.7 million.


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